Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Out of the Park!!!

Over the weekend, Seth's team went to a AA tournament. On Saturday morning, we played a game that we ended up losing, but my wonderful kiddo helped to get the 2 points we got.

There was one runner on base, and Seth was up to bat. He had two strikes. I really thought he was going to strike out. And then, the pitch came in and PING!!! He hit the ball. It went up in the air and I  thought it was going to be foul. But it wasn't. And it went over the fence. OVER THE FENCE!!!!

My 8 year old baby boy hit a homerun out of the park!!! He ran the bases and all the boys ran out of the dugout to greet him at home plate. I, of course, ran over to the dugout to meet him and he was blushing, looking very embarrassed.

My son doesn't care to be the center of attention. If you know him well, you probably would never believe this, but he is really very shy. I stuck my fingers through the fence for a high five and he gave me a tiny little smile, which he immediately covered with his hand in order to hide it and then gave me one little finger. This is his new way of giving a high five. He points his finger and you are supposed to touch his finger with your finger. It's kind of like a fist bump, except with just one finger.

I love that boy. He rocks my socks off every day!

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