Sunday, August 15, 2010

Precious Baby Girl

Stella Grace-my baby girl. I always wanted a daughter and now I have one. She is so beautiful and such a delight to have around. You don't realize how different girls and boys are as babies until you have one of each. Stella is nothing like Seth was as a baby. She is definitely a little diva! But she is my little diva and I will take all these sleepless nights and long days over anything else in the world. Stella looks just like her Daddy and she acts like him too. She smiles the way he does just before she does something mischevious. She takes off crawling and laughing if you catch her in the dog bowl or grabbing at power cords. She sprawls out on her tummy with her feet pointing inward just like her daddy when she sleeps. She is also a sweet little girl and loves to cuddle with her Mommy, especially at bottle time. She can hold her own bottle, but will not do it as long as I will hold it for her. There are many times that I push our grocery cart through the store with one hand, while holding the bottle in her mouth with my other hand like she is a tiny baby piggy. She leans forward and sucks on it and coos as she looks up at me with those big baby blues as if she is saying "Thank you Mommy." When we are at home, she prefers to be cradled up next to my bosom while I feed her the bottle. She grabs at the hair behind her ear while she drinks her bottle, and her eyes get heavy. I think she will be a hair twirler once it grows long enough to twirl. She adores her Daddy and says "Dada". When he walks in the room, she lights up and squeals and gives a big bright smile. She reaches for him with delight. Today, she reached for him and said, "Dada". So, now we know she knows what "Dada" means. It was a very sweet moment. Stella loves her brother too. He is the only one who can get her smiling and laughing no matter how upset she is. He is the one who can keep her entertained for hours at a time just by crawling around on the floor with her and acting silly. Daddy likes to hold her facing Seth and run towards him as if she is chasing Seth. She loves this game and claps and giggles while Seth runs away screaming, "Oh, she's getting me!" She is a precious gift from God and I love her with all my heart.

Mama's Boy

My son is so awesome. I love to see Seth turning into a little man day by day. I even love him when he is being a turd. He tells me some funny stuff sometimes and I love to hear him talking in the backseat of the car, 90 miles a minute, without an end in sight to his conversation. I love that he sings to himself about whatever it is that he is doing and I love that he tells me to turn up certain songs on the radio so he can sing along. I love that he is a mama's boy and I love that he is in love with his baby sister. He thinks she is the cutest baby ever and talks to her and plays with her and hugs and kisses her and if she cries, he is the first to say, "Mom, aren't you going to save her?" Anytime I leave him and Stella at their grandma's for a few hours, or anywhere else for that matter, he has a report ready for me when I get back. Usually, this report consists of, "Stella pouted." He usually says this with much concern, as if pouting is a terrible thing for a baby to do. I love when he says, "Mom, Stella has a stinky!" and waves his hand in front of his nose. I love that he is still an innocent little boy who thinks that a woman gets pregnant from kissing her husband at her wedding and I love that he doesn't question the existence of magical things like Santa or The Toothfairy. I love that he gets excited over little things, and I love that he clings to me when he is afraid. I love that he is so dramatic, even if it is a pain in the butt sometimes. I love that he has his own sense of style. I love that he has some odd quirks like his weird germophobia. I love that dimpled smile and those sparkly green eyes. I love my son and I'm so glad to have him in my life.