Thursday, May 3, 2012

Because you had a bad day

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bad day. I kept hearing Daniel Powter's song playing in my head the whole day long. I struggled with whether or not I would actually share the whole day or not, because the first part is super embarrassing, but now that I think about it, it's pretty funny, and I'm not too shy, so what the hell, right?

I think it was a Monday...that just screams bad day anyway. UGH. Well, after I did my normal payroll duties(pun totally intended and you'll see why) at work, I decided I deserved some lunch. I also decided I didn't have to eat healthy that day and went to Chicken Express. There were no other customers there. There were only about 4 employees. I had to go to the bathroom...and I do mean, I had to go to the bathroom.

As embarrassing as it is, everyone poops. I mean, they do! So, I had to go. I went to the bathroom and did my business. And then, it happened. The toilet wouldn't flush. "Oh shit!"(HA!) ran through my head. I just kept trying to make it work, and it wouldn't. I certainly couldn't go to an employee and say, "Oh, hi! I just pooped in your toilet and it won't flush now. You should totally go look at it!" OMG!!! So, after a conversation with myself about what I should do, I decided that no one would know it was me if the toilet wasn't working, and I left the restroom without telling anyone. However, the lady who was cleaning the tables was staring daggers at me. How did she know???!!! 

I ordered my food and for some stupid reason, decided to stay and eat. All the while, that lady was staring at me. Honestly, I think it was a set up and they totally knew the toilet was broken. UGH. Anywho, I sit down and the cashier goes to the bathroom! Imagine my horror as she comes back out and says something to the scary lady, who then looks at me and says, "She was just in there!" OH.MY.GOSH. I think I probably turned about 20 shades of red and just pretended I didn't notice. But it got worse. Of course it did, do you really think an embarrassing moment like that could get any better? The cashier goes and tells EVERYONE behind the counter that she has to pee but can't because of what's in the toilet and so she's going to the mens room. I have lost my appetite by this point. I got up and asked for a box and left, but not before some more ugly looks from the lady who still seemed to be cleaning the same table.

I finally somewhat recovered from my public humiliation before the day was over and decided to go grocery shopping after I picked up the children. I went to Aldi because I recently discovered they are super cheap and you can get almost everything you need there. I spent a good hour making sure I had everything on my list and a few extras and got in line. It was very busy and I had a full basket. The best part is that my total was only $97!! A FULL basket! Wahoo! Anyway, I go to slide my card and the cashier asks if I want cash back. Nope, I just want to use it as credit. She says they only accept debit. Oh crap! I don't have a pin! Yes, I have a debit card without a pin, and here's why...

We switched to a Credit Union and I got my new card in the mail. Joe's phone number was used to set up the account so when I called to activate my card, it would not let me select a pin since I wasn't calling from that number. I kept forgetting about it and didn't worry about it because you can use credit everywhere, right? Apparently, not at Aldi!

So, here I am feeling really stupid and there are several people in line behind me. I tell the lady I don't have a pin number and she offers to suspend my order while I figure something out. So, I step aside, and call Joe. He tells me to call the number on the back of the card. Meanwhile, I'm starting to sweat(thank you anxiety), and Seth is asking what is going on and Stella is running around in circles being very loud and obnoxious. I finally get through and find out that the number I called is only to report lost and stolen cards. This is a local credit union and there isn't a customer service center. So, since the union is closed by this time, I had no one to talk to. At this point, I'm sweating like crazy and I feel like everyone is staring at me. So, I'm holding Stella's hand while she wiggles and tries to run away and is screaming "MILK!! MOMMY I WANT MY MILK!!!" and this sweet lady walks up and asks if she can help. I just told her no thank you, I'm fine and she said, "Are you sure? Do you need me to pay for your groceries? Because I can do that."

I was shocked! I told her I couldn't possibly let her do that and she told me she had been helped in ways I couldn't imagine and she'd be happy to. I politely declined and she went on her way. I burst into tears at this point. I was just so embarrassed and frazzled and didn't know what else to do. Plus, I was just surprised that there are still such nice people in the world. I told the cashier I would be back for my groceries and apologized for the inconvenience. I drove to Joe's work, crying the whole way.

Stella handed me her shoe(because apparently, this is a great prize!) from the back seat, and said "Mommy, don't cry. It's ok Mommy." And when we parked outside of Joe's work building, Seth came up front and gave me a hug. He then proceeded to tell me a story about a day at school when he didn't have enough lunch money and the cafeteria lady stamped his hand and other kids laughed at him. He said, "Mommy, that was very embarrassing and this can't be as bad as that. You didn't know you needed a debit card and it's not your fault." Gosh, I love my kids. I got Joe's debit and went back to pay for my groceries.

I had to stop at Albertson's because not only was Stella still yelling about milk, but I just needed a drink, and a few other things. So, I got Stella her milk. She was happy. Woohoo! And I got a 6 pack of Woodchuck, only to get to the register and realize my license was in my jacket. Which I obviously didn't have with me. Seriously?!? Could this day get worse?? Luckily, the lady let it slide and luckily for her, I am not a police officer or a TABC officer. Ha ha.

I got home, got the kids fed, started dinner(which I didn't eat until 10:30 pm that night), and had a nice Spring Woodchuck to drink. That day was definitely a bad day.

Oh and guess what I found yesterday? The letter from the credit union with my pin number in it...that came to our house weeks ago. So, I had a pin number the whole time and had no idea. Yep. Such is my life.

Just for shits and giggles, here's the song that was in my head all day.