Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Seth

My son is hilarious. He is a real riot. I mean, really. Yesterday, he was being pretty ugly and was not listening to me at all. I finally gave up and sent him to his room and told him to stay there for a while. He goes stomping up the stairs, and I hear his door close. After about 5 minutes, I hear him begin to talk on the baby monitor. This is a small portion of his groveling...

After a while, I let him come out of his room. He had drawn me a picture with the words "I'm very very sorry."
This kid. What'll I do with him?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I came across a note I posted in FB a while back and it still made me giggle, so I'm putting here as well.

My son says the funniest things sometimes. So I thought I would share one that he recently said. The conversation began like this...(we were driving-which is when he babbles incessantly)
Seth: "Mommy, how many kids does Busha have?"
Me: "She has seven kids"
"Mommy? How did she hold seven kids in her tummy? Wouldn't that hurt?"
"She didn't have them all at once dear, she had them one at a time, except for Aunt Mary and Aunt Theresa."
"Oh...well, her and your grandpa, you know, the one who is in Heaven? They must've kissed for a long time when they got married."
"Oh?" I said..."Why do you say that?"
"Well, I don't think you and Daddy will have another baby because you only kissed for a minute at your wedding, and you got pregnant with one baby."
I thought this was funny, and then he asked if anyone had more babies than Busha. So, I said, "Well, yes, there is a lady on tv who has 19 kids."
He said, "19??? How could she put 19 babies in her tummy? That must've hurt. Oh my GOSH. That is ALOT of babies." Then he was silent for a moment. Then he said, "OH MY GOSH Mommy! That means that lady and her husband kissed for 19 minutes at their wedding! That is SO GROSS!"
LOL. I love my son and I will be so sad when I have to explain that the number of babies you get has nothing to do with how long you kiss at your wedding, nor does it really have anything to do with your wedding. LOL.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is wrong with Stella?

Poor baby Stella has had a rough time of it lately. She began having diarrhea way more than normal and it continued almost every day for nearly two months before I went back to the pediatrician and explained my concern that this could not be a virus.

He immediately ordered some stool samples and ran some tests. We found out that her stool had some reducing substances and she was not digesting something properly. We were sent to a specialist. Upon seeing the specialist we were asked for more stool samples and we had to have Stella's blood taken(Needle Pricks and Boo Boos).

Last week, I got a letter in the mail stating that her blood test results were negative, so she probably doesn't have celiac disease! Great news! I had high hopes that the stool samples would come back great since we cut dairy from her diet.

And then I got the call this morning that the reducing substances were still present in her stool after all and they want to do a scope on her to go into all her digestive areas in her intestines and do biopsies in order to determine what it is that she can't digest properly. I of course, stopped really listening after they said scope. I've had scopes, I know what this poor baby.

As a mother, some of the hardest and most difficult times have been when my children are ill. When my son had to get tubes in his ears, it wasn't a difficult procedure, but I sure felt scared and worried. I just want to know what is wrong with Stella and not have to put her through all these tests. I feel so helpless.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Potty Training

I decided Stella is ready to be potty trained because she hides in the corner to go number 2 and says "Ewww, poopy". She also grabs at her diaper when she pees.

So, we got her a potty. The first time we sat her on it, she scratched the back of her leg and ran away screaming. She ended up with a bruise. Then she decided the soft ring she is supposed to sit on must be a chew toy and ran around with it in her mouth.

Now, she thinks it is great fun to yell, "Pee Pee!!!! Potty!!!" and sit on the potty. She doesn't pee in it, only sits, stands, sits again, and then runs around naked and laughing hysterically at me while I chase her holding a diaper. What great fun!

This weekend, I missed the cues by 10 minutes every time. I seriously thought I was catching her right on time, and would take her to potty, where nothing happened except for the above scenario until I finally got her diaper on her. She promptly used the bathroom in the diaper. Oh well, she isn't 2 yet and she is the most adorable giggling, streaker I've ever seen.

I wonder how I ever potty trained Seth at all....

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Random post here...I have been posting away for nearly a year now, and have never gotten any comments on the blog. I didn't think much of it because it isn't always that interesting or exciting to anyone but me anyway.

But yesterday, I realized after I shared the blog on facebook and people were commenting there, that no one could post comments on the blog itself! Woops! That's a pretty big mistake not to notice for a year!

Anyway, I fixed it. You can all comment away now. I hope you'll forgive my tragic blogging mistake, as I am not an accomplished blogger.

Carry on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seth Convos

Last night in the car on the way home from baseball practice, Seth said to me, "Mom, turn down the radio. I need to tell you something." Every time he says this I think something uber serious is coming. It always ends up being something pretty silly or interesting. Our convo went like this...

Seth: "Mom, I figured out how to fall asleep faster at night."

Me: "Oh really? Do tell."

Seth: "You know my alarm clock? The one that makes that annoying noise in the morning? Well, it has the radio on it and I found this station that I like."

Me: "What station?"

Seth: "I don't know. It's like 94. Or 95. Or 99. But it plays really slow music and sometimes there are some words but usually there aren't any. It is SOOO boring and I fall asleep really fast. But I like it."

Me: "Oh you like it even though it's boring? Hmmm, does it make you happy?"

Seth: "Oh yes, and it gives me good feelings and sweet dreams. Can we listen to it now? I'm so tired from practice."

Me: "Sure, let's do that. What station is it?"

Seth: "Mom, I told you! 94, or 95, or 99...I don't know!"

Me: "Ok then..." we pressed seek and went through every station. We had lot of laughs while he said "NO!! Not this!!" until we happened across a classical station. He said, "YES!!!"

So, we listened for a moment. The song had some violins(I think, I'm not a band expert), and it sounded pretty dark.

Seth: "Mom. I don't like this song. It is not giving me good feelings. It is kind of scary. I might have a nightmare now. Please turn it off."

"Alright son, " I said, while laughing and putting it back on Kiss FM. He immediately exclaimed the song on the radio was his "favorite song" and started singing along.

I love that kid.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Needle Pricks and Boo Boos

I am not so great at updating this blog. I guess I'm not sure what exactly it is that I'm updating. I mean, is this mundane boring stories about what's going on in our lives or inspirational stories about things that mean something to me? Is it a collection of memories and pictures? I am really not sure, but maybe through this process, I'll eventually figure it out and my blog will see better and more frequent posts.

Yesterday I had to take Stella to see a GI specialist. She had diarrhea. Alot of it. For nearly two months. At first, the dr just told me it was a virus and babies her age can have diarrhea for 10-12 days. Oh lord, 10-12 days is like torture! So, I just gave her alot of yogurt and some probiotics and lots of water and went about my way. But it continued to happen. Alot. I started to become worried and took her back to the dr. He asked me a series of questions, noted that while she had not lost weight, she had not gained any either, and then looked perplexed. He sent me home with several jars to put her poo in. Gross. But anything for my baby! I dutifully spooned poo into the jars and then had Joe take them to the dr for me. The first test came back normal. Then I got a phone call about one of the tests. They said, "Blah blah blah, big medical word, sugars, blah blah, needs to see a specialist, blah." I felt sad. I had no idea what they said, except that for now, I should stop giving her dairy.

I stopped giving her dairy, except for a little cheese here and there and it seemed she was getting better. But then she ate alot of pasta one night and threw up all night and had terrible diarrhea the next day. I thought surely it was a bug. When I told the specialist of this, he said he wanted to test her for Celiac Disease(which is basically a gluten allergy, or something to that affect). He also wanted to test her for a lactose and a dairy allergy. He gave me more poo jars to fill up, and sent us to the children's hospital for a blood draw. I was scared. I felt awful watching her play unknowingly in the waiting area. However, it was not so bad. The nurses kept her very distracted and she hardly noticed the blood being taken. She even got a lollipop.

I took my sweet baby home and left her in her capable nanny's hands and went on to work. I came home after work and gave her tons of extra hugs and kisses. While she, Seth, Joe and I were sitting in the front room chatting and playing, she wandered over to a baby gate we have not yet installed, but had just propped up on a table. She was pulling on the edge. All three of us lunged toward her as I screamed, "Get it. She's going to pull it down!!!" It seemed like it was slow motion, but we didn't get there in time. She pulled it down on herself and busted her lip. It bled. I started crying. She was screaming. I quickly scooped her up and ran into the kitchen to get some paper towels, but Seth was already handing me a wipey. She was ok. We gave her a popsicle and she happily sucked on it while it dripped all over her and dyed her blue. Her lip was swollen, but she was happy again.

What a day my princess had yesterday!!