Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seth Convos

Last night in the car on the way home from baseball practice, Seth said to me, "Mom, turn down the radio. I need to tell you something." Every time he says this I think something uber serious is coming. It always ends up being something pretty silly or interesting. Our convo went like this...

Seth: "Mom, I figured out how to fall asleep faster at night."

Me: "Oh really? Do tell."

Seth: "You know my alarm clock? The one that makes that annoying noise in the morning? Well, it has the radio on it and I found this station that I like."

Me: "What station?"

Seth: "I don't know. It's like 94. Or 95. Or 99. But it plays really slow music and sometimes there are some words but usually there aren't any. It is SOOO boring and I fall asleep really fast. But I like it."

Me: "Oh you like it even though it's boring? Hmmm, does it make you happy?"

Seth: "Oh yes, and it gives me good feelings and sweet dreams. Can we listen to it now? I'm so tired from practice."

Me: "Sure, let's do that. What station is it?"

Seth: "Mom, I told you! 94, or 95, or 99...I don't know!"

Me: "Ok then..." we pressed seek and went through every station. We had lot of laughs while he said "NO!! Not this!!" until we happened across a classical station. He said, "YES!!!"

So, we listened for a moment. The song had some violins(I think, I'm not a band expert), and it sounded pretty dark.

Seth: "Mom. I don't like this song. It is not giving me good feelings. It is kind of scary. I might have a nightmare now. Please turn it off."

"Alright son, " I said, while laughing and putting it back on Kiss FM. He immediately exclaimed the song on the radio was his "favorite song" and started singing along.

I love that kid.

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