Monday, August 15, 2011

Potty Training

I decided Stella is ready to be potty trained because she hides in the corner to go number 2 and says "Ewww, poopy". She also grabs at her diaper when she pees.

So, we got her a potty. The first time we sat her on it, she scratched the back of her leg and ran away screaming. She ended up with a bruise. Then she decided the soft ring she is supposed to sit on must be a chew toy and ran around with it in her mouth.

Now, she thinks it is great fun to yell, "Pee Pee!!!! Potty!!!" and sit on the potty. She doesn't pee in it, only sits, stands, sits again, and then runs around naked and laughing hysterically at me while I chase her holding a diaper. What great fun!

This weekend, I missed the cues by 10 minutes every time. I seriously thought I was catching her right on time, and would take her to potty, where nothing happened except for the above scenario until I finally got her diaper on her. She promptly used the bathroom in the diaper. Oh well, she isn't 2 yet and she is the most adorable giggling, streaker I've ever seen.

I wonder how I ever potty trained Seth at all....

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pcurrykosky said...

Too funny! My boys were completely opposite in their potty training experiences (which made for very frustrated parents who had to adjust the original strategy). You'll look back one day at your panty-wearing little girl and feel accomplished! Hang in there!