Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is wrong with Stella?

Poor baby Stella has had a rough time of it lately. She began having diarrhea way more than normal and it continued almost every day for nearly two months before I went back to the pediatrician and explained my concern that this could not be a virus.

He immediately ordered some stool samples and ran some tests. We found out that her stool had some reducing substances and she was not digesting something properly. We were sent to a specialist. Upon seeing the specialist we were asked for more stool samples and we had to have Stella's blood taken(Needle Pricks and Boo Boos).

Last week, I got a letter in the mail stating that her blood test results were negative, so she probably doesn't have celiac disease! Great news! I had high hopes that the stool samples would come back great since we cut dairy from her diet.

And then I got the call this morning that the reducing substances were still present in her stool after all and they want to do a scope on her to go into all her digestive areas in her intestines and do biopsies in order to determine what it is that she can't digest properly. I of course, stopped really listening after they said scope. I've had scopes, I know what this entails...my poor baby.

As a mother, some of the hardest and most difficult times have been when my children are ill. When my son had to get tubes in his ears, it wasn't a difficult procedure, but I sure felt scared and worried. I just want to know what is wrong with Stella and not have to put her through all these tests. I feel so helpless.

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