Friday, February 3, 2012

It's a BOY!!!

Joe and I have been discussing adding another fur baby to our family for a while now. And we were saving up money and taking our time really researching breeds and trying to decide if we would adopt or not. If we would get a puppy, or a grown dog, etc, etc. We had decided on a breed(husky) and we even chose a rescue group and had our sights on a particular dog. We just weren't ready yet. And then came Einstein.

Someone abandoned this sweet baby puppy and left him to starve. The security guard at work picked him up and I couldn't leave him. I just had to take him home. His ribs were prominent and it was obvious he needed some love. Joe took him to the vet and we were told he is 6-8 weeks old and a terrier mix. Aside from being underweight, he was in pretty good shape. Joe got him a name tag and his shots and decided we would keep him. Not that I really thought we wouldn't. I was in love the first moment I set my eyes on him.

Einstein is so very sweet and so darn cute. This is my first time to raise a puppy on my own. Daisy was already an adult when we brought her home and very well trained thanks to her amazing previous owners. I won't lie. It is hard. I'm tired. Stella is in a phase where she doesn't want me to put her down or leave her side. She will cry like crazy if I try to put her down to make dinner. Having to deal with that and chase a puppy around to make sure he doesn't eat a shoe or pee on the floor is crazy! But, I know that the puppy phase won't last too long and if I'm consistent, he will learn quickly. At least, that's my hope! He is learning so much, so fast and I am completely smitten. 

Now, last night didn't go so smoothly. My children were less than cooperative and Einstein was very hyper and I was just plain tired. Having a puppy is like having a newborn that can walk and doesn't wear a diaper. It's exhausting. I'll give you a summary of last night using only words that I said...

Let's go outside! Good potty!!!

Do not spit Stella!

Einstein!!! NO!!

Time out Stella!

Einstein! NO!


Don't do that Stella!

Einstein! NO!


Stella don't hit the puppy!

Einstein! NO!


Stella, Mommy really needs to make dinner.

Einstein! NO!

Daisy, be nice!

Stella time out!

Einstein!! NO!!!


And then I just sat on the couch and gave up. The end. 

But today will be better. 

At least I hope so!

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