Monday, February 20, 2012

My house is more fun than yours!

Yesterday, Stella was super hyper. I mean, like running in circles, jumping up and down, screaming hyper. Joe and I were taking turns flipping her over and bouncing her on our laps.

At one point, I got on the floor to play with her. We were "growling" at each other being "scary" as she says. She was laughing hysterically and we had so much fun. Then she wanted to take a ride. So, I got on all fours and she hopped on. Off we went.

Joe didn't want to be left out of this fun and got on the floor with us. We decided we needed to race. And so with Stella on my back, I crawled across the downstairs and Joe crawled on all floors to race me. Fun was had. Laughter was made. It was awesome.

My house is more fun than yours.

Well, I don't know, maybe other people randomly have races on all fours too...

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