Friday, April 8, 2011

Pretty Princess

Stella is my sweet girly girl! She loves purses and she has always been in love with jewelry. Last night we got a visit from my SIL and she brought a very large bag full of beads for the kids. Stella was already in bed, so she didn't get to see the beads. This morning when Stella walked in the living room, she strolled by them, casually glancing in their direction. Then, she stopped dead in her tracks, and turned around and looked right at them. Her eyes got wide and she reached out her arms and ran to them, squealing! She put her hands in the beads and pulled handfulls of colorful strings out while giggling. She picked one and took it to her brother, who dutifully put it on her while she beamed from ear to ear!

Today is the last day of daycare for both kiddos. I take Stella to her daycare in the morning and Joe takes Seth to his. When I dropped Stella off this morning, the teachers were gushing over her pretty beads and the purple flower in her hair. They said she is such a sweet little princess and they are all so sad to see her go. They said when any teacher goes into her classroom, she always smiles big and runs up to them for hugs. They said they are all attached to her and she entertains everyone on a daily basis. They said she is one of the sweetest, smartest, most adorable babies they've ever had!!! Boy am I proud to hear that! I love my little princess. Now, perhaps they say these things to all parents, but that's ok by me, because I agree with him wholeheartedly!!

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