Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!

The kids saw the Easter Bunny a couple of weeks ago. Here is the picture. Stella thought the bunny was quite hilarious.

Yesterday, as the kids opened their Easter baskets, Seth held up an item and non-chalantly said, "You gave me this," and then moved on to the next thing. I was so shocked, I didn't say anything at first so I waited until he picked up another item and said it again! I said, "What do you mean I gave you that?" He said, "I saw it in your closet!" Oh no!!! The secret's out! I countered with, "What were you doing in my closet?" but I already knew the answer. He always takes a bath or a shower in our bathroom. What is it about mom and dad's room that makes it so much better? Funny thing is, I also bathe Stella in our bathroom, just because it is easier. LOL. Perhaps it is my fault I got him into the habit. Oh well. I left it at that, and he didn't say anything else. Maybe he still believes a little. Ha ha.

Stella wasn't entirely impressed with the whole basket thing or hunting Easter eggs. She took things out of her basket, looked at them intensely and then either brought them to me, or threw them down on the floor next to her. It was quite comical. She definitely didn't care about putting eggs in her basket. She mostly took them out and threw them. She got a sweet little lamb from her Godmother and Godfather. I made it give her a kiss, which she promptly wiped off her face, but later in the day, she made Uncle Sammy(my uncle, her godfather)give it kisses several times and she did take it to bed with her last night. Perhaps she likes it. LOL.

I dyed eggs with Seth and we had so much fun doing it. It was my first time to do it on my own. I'd say overall, it was successful. We experimented with the colors and tried to make different ones. I then made deviled eggs out of those. They were so yummy! I put jalapenos in them. Best idea ever. Also, Seth got a kite from my Mommy, which is exciting because there is a is a huge field across from our house to fly it in!! I enjoyed spending time with my family on Easter. It was a great time!

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