Friday, April 15, 2011

Boys and their Bodily Noises

What is it about burps and farts that fascinates boys so much? My son is obsessed with fart noises. If he farts, he laughs hysterically. Okay, okay, I will admit this is probably my fault since I find farts funny too. Nothing is cuter than a little baby who farts and doesn't even notice it happened. Don't be shy! Go ahead and admit it, farts sound funny!! But, still, I don't go around trying to replicate the noise...Seth on the other hand is a very sophisticated and talented arm pit farter. He can make every kind of fart sound with his arm pits. Some days, all I hear are fart sounds, followed by his cute little giggle.

He can make loud farts, short farts, quiet farts, long farts. He can even make the ones that sound like the air coming out of a balloon. He also uses the back of his knee to make fart noises. There have been several times that he has made an armpit fart and I said, "Seth, say excuse me!!" and then I realized it was just his armpit. Yep, my kid is super talented!

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