Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seasons of Change

The weather is warming up, the grass is starting to grow and our pear tree is even beginning to blossom. The tulips I planted in November are poking through the dirt too! Our little family is going through some changes as well!

In January, I was blessed to find a job through a temp service as the payroll clerk at a cold storage warehouse. I was sad to have to put Stella in daycare for the first time in her little life, and also to have to put Seth back in daycare, but since I had run out of extensions on my unemployment benefits, my time at home had ended. Surprisingly, I got right back into the groove of working and being a mom. Don't get me wrong, I was TIRED at the end of the day, but now it's March and I'm beginning to have more energy and not get into bed at 8 pm anymore. Stella has done AMAZING at daycare. It turns out that our little baby girl is very smart! The teachers are all smitten with her and although she is the youngest in her class, she seems to be able to do everything they can and more! She has such a little personality. I love her! Joe took her to her 15 month check up yesterday and we found out that she is hitting nearly all of the developmental markers for 18-24 month olds! She is so little though! She is a skinny baby, only 23 pounds. Seth was much bigger at that age.

Last week, I was offered the job full time since the lady I was filling in for ended up not coming back. This came at just the right time because Joe lost his job last week the day before I was offered this job! He had been having some problems with his immediate supervisor for a while now, so it wasn't a surprise, but it still hurts. He gave 4 years of his life to that company and he slaved for them. He did so much for them that they don't even know about. He worked from home as well as the many hours each week he put in for them without overtime pay. He created a brand new social media project from scratch all on his own and got it off the ground only to be let go as if all they wanted was for him to create it. I was really offended by the things that were said to my husband, but I know he was relieved to be away from his boss as she was truly awful to him. He is now searching for a job and was eligible for unemployment benefits, so we will be ok until he finds a job. Our roles may be reversed soon as we will have to pull the kids from daycare if he doesn't find work soon. So, he may be Mr. Mom!

Baseball season has started again for Seth. We are on the Outlaws this year and this is the third year we've been with our coach. These boys have all played together for this whole time and they are great kids. We are in new territory this year with coach pitch! Seth is adapting just fine and is proving to be even more talented than we thought before! He has a natural gift for the game and an arm like a pro. He hit a double at his very first scrimmage in coach pitch. I was impressed. He hasn't had a problem switching to coach pitch from tball at all. He is also doing well in school. Despite some behavioral issues due to being bored, he is bringing home high A's and reading like a pro! He is such a smart little guy and so inquisitive. We are currently having him assessed for the school's gifted and talented program. Now that you are mostly caught up on the happenings of our life, maybe I can actually keep up with the blog better.

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