Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Joe and I bought our first house! We closed last week and have been slowly moving things to the new house. It's such a surreal feeling to know that I have a family and a house and it's all mine. We have done so much over the last few years together and I love it all.
The house is out in the country, sort of. It's out in an area that is being built up, but for now, we only have neighbors on one side of our house and none across from us or the other side. There is a huge field, small creek and trains in the distance. Every day we've been out there, Seth has been able to ride his bike up and down the street and play out in the field without having to worry about cars, or strange people. This is the best time of his life and he is finally getting to act like a little boy, running around outside. Yesterday, he found a snake. I would have ran away, but not Seth. He said he stepped on it. LOL. Poor snake. Today, he got stung by a wasp, but he's alright. I can't believe I finally own a home! Now, we can do what we set out to do and raise our family until we grow old.

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