Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where are my keys?

Saturday was St Patrick's Day. My sister in law said it was a requirement for me to join her in celebrating her irish heritage. So, I happily allowed her to secure my MIL as a babysitter for the evening. I always love when she can stay with the kids. They love having time with Grandma and I know she enjoys seeing them as well! I was thrilled to be getting out of the house to hang out with another adult, especially since Joe had been stuck on the night shift for the last week and had to work that night as well.

The day was great, I took the kids to Seth's baseball practice and came home to start getting ready. I got dressed, cooked dinner for my kids, put on makeup, did my hair, accessorized, fed my kids and realized my lipstick was in my purse. In the car. I was 99% ready and just waiting for my sweet MIL. So, I went in the garage to get my purse out of the van. The door was locked. Hmm. I went to the other door. Locked. All doors were locked. I thought about it for a minute and was absolutely sure that I had thrown the keys down in my purse when I pulled into the garage earlier. I had taken Stella upstairs to her bed since she was asleep with the intention to come back and grab my things later.

The panic started to set in. I am supposed to meet my SIL downtown! How can I do that if I have no keys and my car is locked? Even if she came to get me, I couldn't do anything without my money or id which were in my purse. In the car. AH! So, I texted her that I locked my keys in the car. She said I must be kidding. Nope, not kidding. So, I thought, well, Joe has the extra key at work. Maybe if I call MIL before she gets to my house, I can see if she'd swing by and pick up the key! Sadly, she forgot her phone at home. LOL. But when she arrived, she was willing to go pick up the extra key for me. Yay!!

When I had my key, I opened the car and searched my purse and the entire vehicle only to discover that my keys were not actually in the car at all!!! So, they had been inside the house this entire time?! At this point, I was already late, so I just left using the spare key. I thanked my MIL for helping and kissed my kiddies and took off!

And then...I hit the traffic. UGH!!! Every highway in our area is under construction right now. It's so crazy!!! Oh and don't forget the fact that my gas light decided to come on at that moment!!! Another stop to make!
I finally made it downtown and parked in a garage and took the elevator to get down to the street level. I was wearing a rather short dress and luckily I had tights on because the wind happened to blow right at that moment and up went my dress!! Oh yes, many people saw. It was a total Marilyn Monroe moment. The rest of the evening was quite fun and I was grateful for my MIL watching the kiddos.

Oh and the keys? They were in my bathroom under a pile of clothes. How they got there is unclear and I guess I'll never know who pressed the button that locked the car! Ha.

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