Monday, September 26, 2011

Gee Thanks Sonic

So, Saturday evening, my kiddo had a baseball game, in which he did amazingly well of course! Anyway, we drove to Sonic after the game so he could have some grub after such a great work out. I decided, 'what the hey!' and went to order my favorite sandwich of all time. So, I press the red button and wait for the way too loud tinny voice that always scares the crap out of me. "MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER PLEASE!?" At this point, I always jump about 5 feet out of my seat and have a heart attack. But once I am calm, I then recite my order.

"I would like a number whatever it was that Seth wanted, and I would like a Breaded Chicken Sandwich, with mustard instead of mayo, on a white bun and add cheese and pickles!" My taste buds were already excited for this delicious treasure! I have been eating this same sandwich for over 10 years now! We got our food and headed home. I open my sandwich and there is not the breaded chicken patty I am accustomed to, but three chicken strips. WTH SONIC??!!! I, of course, being the optimist that I am, decided that they had made a mistake or must have been out of the correct chicken and went ahead and ate the poor substitute of a sandwich. It was NOT delicious. My taste buds cried.

Sunday, I decided we would head to Sonic once again, because we pretty much had no food in the house, the kids were getting restless and loud while Joe was trying to sleep(he works nights), and I was insanely thirsty. Sonic not only has the best drinks, but the coolest ice and the best cups as well. So, off we went. I decided after the torture of a sandwich from the night before, that I deserved the delicious taste of that beloved chicken sandwich.


And after I am done jumping out of my skin, I am like, "What?? You don't have the breaded chicken sandwich anymore??"

She yells back, "ONE SECOND PLEASE!!!!" And I'm thinking to myself..."This cannot be true. How could they possibly no longer have the BEST ITEM on the menu?"

She comes back and scares the shit out of me again, "MA'AM, I'M SORRY. WE DON'T HAVE THAT ANYMORE!!"

And I thought I would cry. She asked if she could offer me something else and I said no she couldn't because that is what I wanted. And I left. Today, I decided to send a complaint to Sonic's customer service. So, I got on their website. I found the contact me section and wrote in my note about what I was upset about, which was the lack of the best item on the menu. However, they made me choose a particular location, which I thought was dumb because it's all of them, not just that one, but whatevs. I hit enter. This is what I got in return:

Dear Karen Hughes:

We are very sorry that your 09/25/2011 visit to Sonic Drive-In did not live up to expectations and are grateful to you for telling us about it. If people like you did not bring these matters to our attention, we would never be able to fix them. We have forwarded your comments to the appropriate drive-in supervisor for the location that you visited. If you have any further concerns in the future, please share them with us. Our goal is to continuously improve the Sonic Drive-In experience and to keep you as regular guest.

Sonic Drive-In
Customer Service Manager

Um. Dear Customer Service Manager:

Obviously, you did not read my letter AT ALL. Forwarding my concern to the appropriate drive-in supervisor will not change the fact that Sonic no longer has the delicious breaded chicken sandwich on the menu. That supervisor will read my note and be like, "Okay, whatever." and throw it away. Obviously, you have just sent me a blanket response and don't really care about my issue at all.  Really? Sonic, I'm very disappointed in you. Sigh. 

Annoyed Customer 
sans breaded chicken sandwich

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