Monday, June 13, 2011

If I may brag...

I am so very excited and proud that Seth was hand picked to be on a great team for a world series baseball tournament. This team is a very talented team that has been playing together for a while. They play fall, spring and tournament baseball. We have played against them more than once. They win every time!

I got an email on Friday from the coach that stated he would love to have Seth on his team for this upcoming tournament because a couple of his players had gotten too old, and he was missing his short stop(the position Seth usually plays). He said he had observed Seth make some great plays this season and said that he was such a great player that he is 100% sure having him on their team would take them to the next level!!! OMG!!! Now, I have confirmation that what I thought is really true. My kid is super talented!!!

I was surprised to learn that the selecting of players starts so young, but apparently, it is something that does happen. For this reason, we will likely start playing Seth in our local baseball league after next year so that his high school coaches will be able to see him play and know who he is. I never would have thought we would need to worry about this until I realized that the high school coaches from tri cities(where we play now) have been at several of our games, observing the kids. I mean, who would think that high schools start looking at age 7 and 8???

Seth is super excited to get to play for this team and a little nervous about playing with kids he doesn't know since he has only played with the same group of kids the last 3 years. We think it's going to be a great experience for him to work with another coach. It is important that he learns different styles of coaching because you never know what kind of coach you will get in school!

It never gets old watching him throw the ball so perfectly or catching fly balls while diving through the air. It never gets old to see him bust that ball to the fence and come running across home plate with a huge grin on his face. I love my little man and I'm so very proud of his talent. He came by it naturally and it's such a joy to get to see him do what he loves to do. To have other people ask for him to be on their team makes me burst with pride that I could never put into words for you to even understand!! Go Seth!!

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