Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2nd Place

The World Series Baseball tournament is over. The Rangers got 2nd Place!! Seth fit right in with the boys as if he'd played with them from the beginning and he did SO well. I am extremely proud of him. The coach did an amazing job with the kids and we really like him. Seth is hoping to play with the Rangers again in the fall. There were some awesome plays made by every boy on the team and some amazing hits. Every single boy is very talented and it was an honor to get to watch them all play and to have my son included! The other parents made me feel so welcome and were so nice.

One of the games was particularly close and hard, and we ended up playing a couple of extra innings because we were tied. We fought very hard for the extra points we finally scored at the end, when one of our boys hit a grand slam! But we still had to get three outs since the other team was home team. They only needed 3 points to beat us after getting a couple of runs and had two outs and I believe at least one boy on base, if not more. I can't remember now, because I was shaking so hard, I nearly fainted. The batter was up and he hit a fly ball, and Seth reached up and caught it!!! I jumped up and down and screamed SOOOOO hard, I nearly peed my pants! It was so exciting! The coaches ran out on the field to greet the players as they came off the field and Seth was lifted into the air! The boys jumped up and down in excitement and we moved on to the next level!!! Here is a picture of the catch where you can see the 2nd baseman pumping his fist with excitement as Seth caught the ball, and a picture of Seth with his 2nd place trophy at the end of the very last game of the tournament.

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