Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Headed Freak

In the mornings, I drop my kids off at daycare. Stella goes in one room and Seth goes in another. Generally, he walks straight into his and I come back to tell him goodbye after I get his sister settled.

*Note* I died my hair a lovely shade of auburn this past weekend. Yes, it's pertinent to the story.

Anywho...I got Stella settled and went to Seth's room to say goodbye. He was sitting at a table holding court with two girls who were clearly entranced with whatever he was talking about. Star Wars or Transformers, I'm sure. Very stimulating conversation. I kept saying his name over and over but he didn't hear me. So, I walked over to him and said his name once more.

He looked up at me with that mischievous grin and said, "Hi, you red headed freak!" At this exact moment, a mother was sitting her daughter, who was definitely not more than 4 or 5 years old, down at the table and her eyes got so wide. She definitely did not approve of his endearing greeting. I was in panic mode! She is judging me with those eyes! She thinks my kid is a hooligan!! OH DEAR GOD, what do I do!???!!!

Of course I immediately said, "Seth, that is not an appropriate thing to say to anyone. We don't want others repeating something like that." I said this in my very calm, nice mother who never cusses voice. The other mother swiftly nodded and left. WHEW. Fuck, that was close. Man, I thought it was going to get ugly. Really, I found his outburst quite hilarious. I almost laughed. Out loud.

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